Air Conditioning

A well planned and efficiently functioning air conditioning system can make or break your family’s or customers’ experience in your home or business. In addition to keeping the temps cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer, a well chosen and maintained A/C system can help improve air quality, manage humidity and lower your energy costs. Our experienced team of HVAC professionals take their craft seriously and bring decades of experience to your project. Whether you need a new unit installed or a plan to assess and address your whole house A/C needs, Howl At The Moon is here to serve with knowledgeable, friendly advice and customer service.

If you’ve been getting by with fans and window units, you may want to consider getting a professionally installed air conditioning system in your home or business. Our talented Howl At The Moon technicians can recommend products that fit the cooling and space needs of your project. Units that we install utilize state of the art technology to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. We have a variety of unit sizes available and can easily accommodate hard to fit or tiny spaces with small and compact unit sizing. If noise is a concern, we can also help you select a product that offers quiet but reliable operation.

For existing air conditioning units, we can help if you aren’t getting the performance or efficiency you need. Units that are noisy, not producing the necessary cooling output or are otherwise showing signs of wear can be inspected by our team. Our experienced technicians do a full assessment to diagnose the issues, and follow up with timely and long-lasting repairs to restore the functionality of your unit. If repair is not possible or your unit has reached the end of its lifespan, we also install new air conditioning systems in retrofits to existing structures or in new construction.

Whether we are servicing your existing unit or installing a new one, we recommend scheduling an annual tune-up of your system to improve the long-term efficiency and reliability of your air conditioner. While there is cost involved with maintenance, giving your unit some TLC and a tune up typically results in lower energy bills and saving money over the long haul.

Give Howl At The Moon a call today to request a free quote and explore how we can improve the air conditioning situation at your home or business. All set with your A/C, but challenged with your winter climate control? We also offer heating installation with the same great customer service and results.