Losing power is more than just an inconvenience. It can also bring loss of time and money. Losing appliances or equipment due to surges, food or product due to refrigeration loss, or time cleaning up messes stemming from frozen pipes (or other issues rising from an unheated structure) are all headaches that can come with an extended outage.

To ensure that your home or business is protected from these losses, we can help you choose and install the generator that will work best for you. We’ll work with you to determine the correct size and product needed to meet demand, and coordinate the complete installation from pouring the concrete slab all the way through to necessary electrical and plumbing modifications. We’ll also make sure the project fits with your property’s current aesthetic, installing finishing fence work or landscaping to get the look you are shooting for.

As an authorized KOHLER® generator dealer, we are committed to your satisfaction from start to finish. Our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of sizing, installing and maintaining your generator. Let our technicians handle all of the details and set you up to stay in power through whatever outage event might come up next. If you lose sleep at night with concerns about how an extended outage could affect your home or business, call us today and give yourself peace of mind!

Our generator services feature the following, and more:

  • Assessment of Power Needs, Options, and Installation Requirements
  • On Demand or Stand By Systems
  • Complete, Personalized Project Quote
  • Convenient Scheduling of Your Installation
  • Professional Installation by Kohler-Trained Experts
  • A Thorough and Hassle-Free Project
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed